7 Tips and Tricks of Using Air Fryer

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Here are my top air fryer tips for you.

Tip number one: Don’t overfill the basket

This is a basket that is too full,

When it’s too full like this you’re not going to get those fries cooked evenly. so it’s better to do it in two batches and then put them all together at the end.

You really don’t want much more than one layer of food if you want to cook it properly

Tip number two: Use Alluminium Foil sling.

Tip number two is to use a foil sling to help you get foods into and out of the air fryer

Take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it in half, fold it in half again and then use this as a sling. put your cake pans on top and then lift the flaps to put this into and out of air fryer baskets.

You can also do this with sandwiches or hoagie rolls. The food can go directly on the sling and then you can move it. that means you can do things like fits a deep-dish pizza

Tip number three: Pour water in the bottom

Tip number three is when you’re cooking fatty foods in the air fryer; if you’re cooking bacon or meatballs or chicken wings, it’s a good idea to take a little water and put that in the drawer underneath the food by doing that you’ll stop the fat from dipping down and smoking while you cook

Tip number four: Use Toothpicks to pin food down

Tip number four is to use toothpicks to pin down foods that otherwise might fly around your air fryer, like a piece of cheese on a burger or bread on a sandwich

Tip number five: Remove Basket

Tip number five is to always remember to remove the basket from the drawer before you dump out the food the reason for that is right down below you often get a lot of grease at the bottom of the drawer and you have to drain that out. if you dump the basket and the grease the same time, that grease will be all over your foot.

Tip number six: Use juice from bottom to fry

Tip number six is actually the opposite of tip number five. sometimes when you’re cooking, you have marinades that drip down into the bottom basket those marinades can be used to moisten the food again or serve as a sauce

Tip number seven: Move away from the cabinets

Tip number seven remember to pull your air fryer far away from the wall when you’re using it. Most air fryers have a vent at the back which blows hot air away from the air fryer. You don’t want that right up against the back of your cabinet wall. don’t put anything on top of the air fryer either because this is where the air gets pulled into the air fryer and it must be left open.

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