Top 10 Best Modern Loveseats In 2019

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Whether you are a condo dweller or live in a fancy mansion, creating a cozy and inviting living room is important. Designing the perfect living room starts with finding the right sofa, and it means considering the size, color, fabric, and firmness level. The next time you find yourself searching for a modern sofa for your space, check out this list of the top ten best modern love seats of 2019, to help make your decision a little easier.

Table of the Best Modern Loveseats


01. Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Loveseat

Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Loveseat

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A look at the back cushions on this love seat and you will see that they are beautifully tufted, bringing elegance to your living room. Overall, the Modway Engage Mid-Century Love Seat is a firm sofa but nevertheless, comfortable. The cherry wood legs make it easy to pair with any oak furniture, and the grey fabric makes it easy to pair with just about any other furniture color! This is a piece you will want to have in your living room.

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Chic and luxurious, this Modway loveseat will make your living room sparkle in style. It is made out of faux white leather and has attractive tufted backing. This loveseat runs on the smaller size, so it is ideal for condos, bedrooms, or less-than-spacious living rooms. The beautiful glossy-white cushions are held up by four, sturdy espresso legs that are safe for hardwood or tile flooring, thanks to the non-marking caps on the ends.

The smooth faux leather combined with the cozy padding inserts make this loveseat the perfect modern lounge chair to relax on. If you make the wise decision to purchase this loveseat, you will be pleased to know that it can be easily assembled by one person in less than an hour.

03. DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat

DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat

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Futon meets loveseat in this fashionable piece of furniture. The elegant gray upholstery held up by stylish chrome legs make this a comfy and modern loveseat to relax on. The measurements for this futon loveseat are as follows: 56 x 30 x 32, which makes it perfect for those small corners that you need to put something comfy in. Although this is a light sofa, weighing only 59 pounds, it is able to hold up to 400 pounds, making it a super sturdy sofa.

The great thing about this futon is it can be dressed up with many decorative pillows for added comfort and design. The grey fabric would also pair well with teal, maroon, white, or dusty purple pillows and throws.

04. Ashley Furniture – Julson Contemporary Loveseat

Ashley Furniture – Julson Contemporary Loveseat

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Let us introduce to you your new movie night loveseat. Created with a soft polyester micro-fiber material, this loveseat is super comfortable to stretch out on or take a nap. The great thing about the type of material it is made with is that it is easy to get stains out, such as wine, tomato sauce, or melted chocolate. The luxuriously fluffy cushions allow for full body support, and yet you do not uncomfortably sink into the sofa itself. Additionally, the armrests offer cushiony pillow tops for resting your arm or head on.

Along the bottom of the sofa, subtle puckering of the material can be seen, and this makes the sofa eye-catching from a distance. The dimensions for this loveseat are as follows: 38 x 66 x 38 inches. While this loveseat is super modern, it still has a refined appearance to it, making it perfect for almost any space.

05. Da Vinci Modern Contemporary Velvet Sofa

Da Vinci Modern Contemporary Velvet Sofa

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If you are looking for that timeless piece of furniture that is still modern, then look no further. The teal Da Vince Modern Contemporary Velvet Sofa comes with rows of tufted buttons on the outside and inside backing of the sofa. The silver legs make the teal color sparkle with class and capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

The upholstery is velvety smooth, but the plush cushion sits high, making it a chair designed for royalty. This is definitely not a loveseat that lacks on comfort, thanks to the multi density cushions. The dimensions for this beautiful loveseat are as follows: 85.8 x 34.6 x 27.6 inches. Buyers can dress it up with satin pillows and a silky throw, or just leave it to sparkle on its own!

06. ExceptionalSheets Fifth Avenue Loveseat

ExceptionalSheets Fifth Avenue Loveseat

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Modern and comfy morph together and present to you the ExceptionalSheets Fifth Avenue Loveseat in the color Pebble. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are seat height: 20”, seat depth: 22”, seating area: 47.5”, arm height: 26.5”, and leg height: 4”. You can see that the measurements create a loveseat that is the perfect size for any space! Put it in your bedroom for a place to read, or in your rec room for a place to hang after a game of pool.

This loveseat is cozy and seats two people perfectly! Pair it with some funky design pillows or a creamy white blanket to accentuate the rich color of the fabric. This loveseat allows your living room to look modern and elegant without being too over-the-top or flashy.

07. Mercury Row Contemporary Loveseat

Mercury Row Contemporary Loveseat

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Unique and modern are two words to describe this piece of furniture. Designed with tufted buttons on the back cushion and no arm rests, this loveseat is definitely designed for the 21st century. The cherry colored upholstery freshens up any room and it acts as a statement piece. The dimensions of the Mercury Row Contemporary Loveseat are 37” x 60” x 33”, so it fits nicely anywhere you wish to put it.

For as stylish as this loveseat is, it also provides a superior level of comfort thanks to the chunky padding all around. This cherry colored loveseat would sparkle even more with some decorative pillows and a black leather ottoman sitting next to it to draw attention to the gorgeous espresso colored feet underneath.

08. Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat

Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat

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Chic modern arms, beautiful square legs, and a funky textured fabric make this loveseat the ultimate place to sit. The Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat is crafted with quality wood and fabric, and stuffed with body-hugging memory foam to keep you relaxed while you lounge. The Flagstone color of this loveseat makes it a neutral color to pair with just about any accessories.

White, gray, red, or black pillows or throws would bring out the pretty beige colors within the fabric of this loveseat. It is a relatively lightweight loveseat only weighing 69.4 pounds, and it can comfortably seat between 2-3 people. Sink into comfort with this modern loveseat!

09. Serta RTA Copenhagen Collection Loveseat

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Another modern Serta loveseat, the Copenhagen design in the color Marzipan is sure to be a signature piece of furniture in your living room or cozy den. The dimensions of this loveseat are 20 x 46.5 x 20.5 and is made with a long-lasting, easy to clean velvet upholstery. The rolled armrests are sleek but soft and fluffy at the same time, and the memory foam in the cushions allows for your whole body to remain comfortable while you lounge.

Buyers will be pleased to know that this loveseat is not hard to put together and should only take 15-20 minutes, which means more relaxation! The beautiful marzipan color of this couch makes it pair well with light gray or royal blue pillows or blankets.

10. Studio Designs Home Allure Loveseat

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Just like its name suggests, this loveseat will allure you in to relax on it for hours. The soft polyester fabric feels more like makes it easy to clean but also easy to enjoy for two people. The loveseat is sturdy and held up by premium quality wood legs that have protectors on the bottom to prevent scratching. This loveseat is extremely comfy but also firm, making it a great option for those who suffer from back pain or injury. For those interested in the dimensions, this loveseat measures in at 54” x 31.5” x 32.3”.

The Studio Designs Home Allure Loveseat is the perfect size for any tight space on its own or in an open living room paired with a leather sectional. To add some glam to this beauty of a loveseat, try adding a decorative pillow with sequins or pearls.

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right loveseat for your living room or bedroom is a tough decision because there are so many models and styles on the market. Hopefully these ten loveseats will make your decision easier. However, if you are still stuck, we have some tips for you. The first thing you want to consider is the size of the room you are buying for. Is it a small living room? Cozy den? Luxurious bedroom? Do not buy a sofa that is too big for the space or too small for it. Always measure your room before you go shopping and try to envision the loveseat in it before buying. Additionally, consider the fabric and design of the loveseat.

If you have young children and pets, perhaps buying a sofa with tons of buttons or tassels is not a wise choice, as they could be pulled off or even ingested. If you want something to clean easy, a leather loveseat is always a great idea. But, if you are wanting glam and luxury, a tufted cloth loveseat is perfect! Always shop with a budget in mind and ask the sales person as many questions as possible so that you purchase what you want. Moreover, ask about return policies in case you get it home and it is not what you were looking for. Last but not least, sit and stretch out in the loveseat before you take it home!


A loveseat is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind on at the end of the day with a friend, loved one, or even on your own. Therefore, it is important to purchase the right modern loveseat for your lifestyle. If you like casual and cool furniture, try a sleek leather or futon-style loveseat. Or, if you like modern luxury and class, try a tufted jewel loveseat that screams royalty. When it comes down to it, have fun shopping for a loveseat and take your time finding the perfect one. When you find the right one, you will know!

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