Why you should buy Gowise Air fryer

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Hello, there today we’re going to review a gowise air fryer. Hi, welcome to my blog, I’m just going to walk you through the features of the GoWISE USA GW22931 Air Fryer. I’ve done a list of best air fryers that you might want to check out 

I also have an unbiased review of three or four different ones in this one I’m covering

The Gowise comes with a digital panel that shows you what’s going on and then also has a basket, I’m gonna talk about the basket in a little bit but let me just talk about this panel first. So one thing I realized is that what you want is you do want a digital panel if you buy a panel with things written around the side it kind of didn’t matter how expensive the air fryer was that I bought, the writing sort of wears off. The digital panel, on the other hand, doesn’t wear off and it’s easy to be able to see what’s going on. So, in that, you can use the panel one of three different ways. You can turn it on and

you can set time, you can set temperature and this one goes in ten-minute increments. They don’t all go in ten-minute increments, some of them go in 20-minute increments some of them go in five but this one does it in ten minutes; which means if you’re used to cooking

something at 375 you can’t do that, it’s going to be 380. Not the end of the world, that’s one way you can do it is manually set the time and temperature, another way you can do it is you use the M button. it’s got pre-programmed settings in it. I like to simplify things and one of the things I did is that I created a little sticker for myself. 

it’s going to show me fries which is 20 minutes and at 400 degrees then I press the next one and it says meet 374 25 so I had to page through each of these and it just got to be a pain. what I realize is that shrimp and fish are 330 degrees for 20 minutes, a cake is 330 for 30 minutes. Those are thepresets. 

I’m telling you about meat is 375 for 25 minutes. chips and chicken are 400 for 20 minutes and steak is 400 for 25 minutes. so those are the presets and like I said I just put that on a little sticker so that I could see. so, for example, the only difference between chips chicken and steak is that they’re all three cooked at 400 but for the chicken and the chips are for 20 minutes, and the steak is for 25 minutes so you see how the preset takes some of the guesswork out for you. so that’s how the digital panel works.

So, let’s say that I choose to let me just choose a fish okay we said it was 20 minutes and a foot 330 and all I have to do is press Start and it starts to go.

Now one thing you have to do is you have to make sure there’s clearance in the

back and clearance on the side so here. This is to prevent blockage of the vents. these vents are where the hot air comes out from so you definitely don’t want to put melty things at the back of this.

Now one of the nice things about this air fryer is what happens when I pull out the basket it stops, which means that if you take this out to stir or do anything of that sort that air fryer is gonna stop itself and when you put it back in it picks up where it left off. Not all air fryers do that. 

This is one of the nice things about the gowise air fryer that took me forever to figure out which I will tell you. let’s say that you set it for 15 minutes but your chicken is done in 10, what you need to do is press the power button, pull it out, put it back in and notice it doesn’t start. So if you want to just check on it simply pull the basket out. if you want to turn it off press the power button then pull the basket out and it shuts itself. or you can take it down to zero minutes.

Now let me show you the inside basket.  

The way to pull it out is you just pull it out straight. one of the things that makes the gowise a little bit differently structured from the others is the little button on top. some days I do struggle with this button a bit, but you can’t just lift the basket out which is a good safety feature. what you have to do is you have to press down and the basket comes out. 

okay now you’ve got two pieces you’ve got this outside basket

and then you’ve got this one with the holes not only does it have holes but it’s got little vents which is where the hot air comes from.

so let me show you the dimensions. what really matters is the surface area, this diameter is what really really matters because you want your food to be in as flat as possible. so the courts are really how deep it is. 

again you know what I really love about it is it’s very sturdy it was
not that expensive when I bought it I think it was 60 or 70s now its 75 to 100
dollars will just depend and

Here are some Amazon deals, do try to use my link that, would be really helpful because it’s an affiliate link

so again I think it’s a sturdy thing it does take up a lot more
footprint compared to some of the other air fryers, but it’s extremely light

I have a Breville that I love, but I couldn’t lift it. It’s almost 50 pounds. This one is not that hard to lift at all.

I hope this was helpful leave me a comment at the end this video to let me know what you would like to see covered differently next time thank you

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